Title Summary Created Updated
A-Team Lose to League Leaders Dragons 1, with a weakened team, went down to t... 2020-02-20 2020-02-21
Edinburgh Chess Congress 2020 The 2020 Congress will take place on the weeken... 2020-02-18 2020-02-25
Depleted Dragons Defeated by Tiger Cubs The Chestrels' good start to the year came to a... 2020-02-14 2020-11-20
Dragons 2 Lose at Home to Edinburgh 3 On a night of missed opportunities Dragons 2 na... 2020-02-12 2020-02-12
Dragons Lose 4½-1½ at Home to Strong EU Team Although Edinburgh University did not have some... 2020-02-05 2020-02-10
Bothersome Beating by Badgers in Broxburn In a night of blunders, including a default, th... 2020-02-04 2020-02-06
Dragons C Win at Bank of Scotland The Chestrels came away from Tuesday night with... 2020-01-29 2021-01-19
Gibraltar Update Week 2 By Jim O'Neil The next five days I only manage... 2020-01-28 2020-01-31
Gibraltar Update Week 1 By Jim O'Neil After five days, I have [3/5](ht... 2020-01-25 2020-01-26
Chestrels Battle Corstorphine to Draw The match against Corstorphine ended in a hard-... 2020-01-22 2020-01-24
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