Spens Cup

⌛️ Feb 26 2023

WD are out after losing our semi-final match with Bank of Scotland on board count.

Semi Finals v. Bank of Scotland

3 of our main players were unavailable which led to an evenly balanced match by FIDE grades which we drew on points but lost on board count.

Ex-Dragon William Bennett got out of trouble against Mark by sacrificing a piece for 2 pawns and after further adventures the game was drawn by repetition of moves. Isaac battled hard against Jorge, but the grading difference proved too much. Tom squeezed out a nice endgame win on B3 and on the last two nether Jim nor Don could covert their better positions into a full point.

Wandering Dragons 2½‑2½ Bank of Scotland
Orr, Mark J L(2107) ½‑½ Bennett, William(2175)
Browning, Isaac(2050) 0‑1 Blanco , Jorge(2124)
Leah, Tom(1951) 1‑0 Chisholm, Mike(1885)
O`Neil, Jim(1893) ½‑½ James, Chris(1855)
Heron, Donald(1862) ½‑½ Mollison, Jamie(1860)
Quarter Finals v. Lenzie Academy

Team captain Elliot could only persuade 3 players to get out of their beds for this Saturday morning 5-board match in Glasgow, meaning we could afford to drop at most a half point. Luckily for us, our opponents were enthusiastic but inexperienced school kids. Richard, white on B2, quickly mated his opponent and although the opposition put up sterner resistance on B3 (Jim) and especially on B1 (Mark), those games also went in our favour.

Lenzie 2‑3 Wandering Dragons
Lukhi, Neev(1454) 0‑1 Orr, Mark J L(2126)
Mittal, Advik(-) 0-1 Kynoch, Richard J P(1866)
Railwani, Tavish(-) 0-1 O`Neil, Jim(1836)
Al Dakl Alla, Humam(-) 1‑0 default
Mitraka, Chrysa(-) 1‑0 default