WD through to Semis in Spens Cup

Jan 19 2020

The highlight of the afternoon was seeing Neil Fleming taking on an 11 year old girl who was wearing a head band with pink sticky-up rabbit ears. Unfortunately, because of the rules about turning off mobile phones, nobody was able to snap a picture which is a crying shame, as it would have been a classic.

There were rumours before the match that our opponents might be able to field some strongish players on the top boards, so we took no chances. As it turned out, however, Lenzie in fact consisted of a bunch of school kids none of whose ratings were above 1000 and so the match was a tad one-sided.

Dragons 5‑0 Lenzie
Orr, M. (2142) 1‑0 Moroz, M. (978)
Minnican, A. (2105) 1‑0 Lewis, N. (891)
Taylor, E. (1842) 1‑0 Rajkumar, A. (781)
Kynoch, R. (1839) 1‑0 Reshab, A. (793)
Fleming, N. (1913) 1‑0 Tandon, A. (505)

However, some of the kids put up serious resistance. 12 year old Michael Moroz made Mark work hard for the point. Neil's comment on Ashley Tandon (11): "I wouldn’t let the bunny ears fool you. She played well and though she lost a couple of pawns in the opening, she tried quite well to orchestrate a mating attack and the game went to about 45 moves."