Summer Cup 2023

⌛️ Jun 25 2023

The 2022/23 season has completed and we are now in the "in-between" bit before the 2023/24 season starts in September.

We entered a team in the Chess Edinburgh 2023 Summer Cup, which is a scoring handicap competition, based on grading differences. We got a bye in the first round and we were paired against Sandy Bells in the Quarter Finals.

Note the handicap system allows each board to have points awarded to the weaker player based on any grading difference. A player graded over 200 points below his/her opponent will be awarded a handicap bonus of ¾ point
and a player graded between 100 and 200 points below his/her opponent will receive a handicap bonus of ½ point.


Bank of Scotland 4 - 4¾ Musselburgh
Wandering Dragons 6 - 4.5 Sandy Bells
Pentland Hills 3¾ - 6 Civil Service 2
Tiger Cubs 4 - 5¾ Edinburgh West

SEMI FINAL (first named team plays at home):

Musselburgh 4¼ - 6 Wandering Dragons (½-5½ without handicaps)
Civil Service 2 vs Edinburgh West

Final of the Summer Cup:

Wandering Dragons 5 v 5½ Civil Service 2 (5-1 without handicaps)

Final of the Summer Cup: Wandering Dragons 5 v 5½ Civil Service 2 (5-1 without handicaps)
Played on Tuesday 19th September 2023.
The Summer Cup Dragons slipped at the final hurdle.
Although winning 5-1 on the night, Richard had an off moment while his opponent played well beyond his grade.
Civil Service had a great performance with three games going to endgames despite the huge grading differences.

Wandering Dragons 5-5.5 Civil Service 2
Olson, Hamish(2337) 1-0.75 Gunn-Russell, Charles(1763)
Leah, Tom(2069) 1-0.75 McDiarmid, Allan(1751)
Sloan, Elliot S(1931) 1-0.75 Jackson, Ralph(1651)
Kynoch, Richard J P(1869) 0-1.75 McDiarmid, Euan(1616)
O`Neil, Jim(1821) 1-0.75 McKinney, Stuart(1464)
Wallace, David(1776) 1-0.75 Reis, João(1410)

Semi Final: Played on Tuesday 22nd August 2023
Musselburgh 4¼-6 Wandering Dragons (½-5½ without handicaps) Full details below

Mussleburgh 4¼-6 Wandering Dragons
Ash, Michael(1689) 1¼-½ Leah, Tom(2069)
Rutherford, Kathleen(1678) ¾-1 Browning, Isaac(1988)
McDonald, Keith(1541) ¾-1 Sloan, Elliot S(1931)
Hope, Iain D(1434) ¾-1 Kynoch, Richard J P(1869)
Kelly, Maurice P(1421) ¾-1 O`Neil, Jim(1821)
Loudon, James M(1320) 0‑1½ Palmer, John(1200)

Quarter Final
20-June-2023 at Pilrig Bowling Club

Wandering Dragons 6‑4½ Sandy Bells
Leah, Tom(1951) 1-¾ Linskaill, Chris(1738)
Browning, Isaac(1934) 1-¾ Moon, Billy(1400)
Sloan, Elliot S(1916) 1-¾ Kirk, Steven(1367)
Kynoch, Richard J P(1866) 1-¾ Davidson, Max(1350)
O`Neil, Jim(1836) 1-¾ Wallace, Mike(1180)
Wallace, David(1727) 1-¾ Dowle, Chris(1018)

Round 1 - Bye