Alan Minnican beats GM in Spain

Apr 22 2022

Alan reports:

I have been over in Spain for a wee while and played in an open tournament in Torreviejan last week. The whole tournament was excellently organised: 250 tables for 500 players all two metres socially distanced with table covers.

It looked at the outset that I was going to have the worst tournament ever. A draw with a 13 year old kid rated 1489. I tried for 5 hours a pawn up and couldn't put him away. The next day I saw him beat a 2125 and found out his Spanish rating was 2134. I played six juniors on the spin and thought I was playing well but with 3½/6 I was losing around 30 ELO.

However in round 7 I beat a WFM in 17 moves which put me in contention for the very respectable seniors prize along with a few grandmasters.

One such grandmaster was Jim Plaskett and we met in round 8, here is the game.

It turned out to be a bit too one-sided (for me!!!) but my first win against a GM in a FIDE rated tournament after 7 draws. It took me 45 years but I got there!