Division 3 Results 2023/24

Oct 25 2023

The Dragons 3 team has been successfully re-launched. Our 3rd tier group is composed of a few old hands and a blast of new faces.
Some of these guys cut their teeth in the 1st division last year, a tough gig for them.
They came through it with distinction. Now the playing field is more balanced where the whole team can win and grow in experience.

All 3rd division results are here
while grading calculations are here.

Opposition H/A Date Res
Bank of Scotland 3 A Oct 7 2½-
Sandy Bells 2 H Oct 24 4-2
Edinburgh West Juniors H Nov 15 -1½
Musselburgh 3 A Dec 5 3-3
Edinburgh 6 H Dec 12 4-2
Civil Service 3 A Jan 22 3-3
Tiger Cubs H (but Away) Jan 31 -3½
Pentland Hills 2 A Feb 20 2½-
Edinburgh West 2 H Feb 27 ½-5½
Corstorphine 3 A Mar 18 2-4

Corstorphine 3 (Away, 18th Mar)

Dragons 3 are back to winning ways, with a good win against Corstorphine 3 away.

Corstorphine 3 2‑4 Wandering Dragons 3
Taylor, Dave J(1272) 0‑1 Grosu, Silvian(1571)
Bruce, Douglas(1261) 0‑1 Walkowiak, Adam(1461)
Ruthven, Angus G(1197) 0‑1 Irvine, Ben(1400)
Watson, David(1156) 1‑0 Moore, Chris (1270)
Reilly, Connor(1000) 0‑1 Forrester, Alistair(1182)
Curtin, Tom(1000) 1‑0 Palmer, John(1100)

Edinburgh West 2 (Home, 27th Feb)

Dragons 3 faced their toughest challenge in the league to date.
EW2 are by far, the strongest team on paper in this league and
the Dragons were out-graded by nearly 700 points on the night.
It was tough defeat to take after such a great run but our guys are learning and growing with every match.

Wandering Dragons 3 ½‑5½ Edinburgh West 2
Grosu, Silvian(1571) 0‑1 Robinson, Martin E(1682)
Walkowiak, Adam(1461) 0‑1 Campbell, Alistair W I(1618)
MacRae, Craig (1300) 0‑1 Darling, Callum(1508)
Moore, Chris (1270) ½‑½ Deas, William B(1373)
Forrester, Alistair(1182) 0‑1 Walls, A(1350)
Palmer, John(1100) 0‑1 Whalen, Ron N(1048)

Pentland Hills 2 (Away, 20th Feb)

The second team get back to winning ways in a tough fixture.
The team pool was under pressure due to a number of regulars being unavailable.
Despite this, the team pulled off a great result in an evenly balanced match.

Pentland Hills 2 2½‑3½ Wandering Dragons 3
Nisbet, Charles(1479) ½‑½ Grosu, Silvian(1571)
Heathwood, Richard(1393) 1‑0 Walkowiak, Adam(1461)
Clark, Andrew(1359) 0‑1 Moore, Chris (1270)
Purkins, Terry E(1290) 0‑1 Forrester, Alistair(1182)
Devoy, David G(996) 0‑1 Palmer, John(E1100)
Cornes, Alex(900) 1‑0 Deren, Marek(E1000)

Tiger Cubs (Home but played at Alva Street, 31st Jan)

Playing against the youngsters (or young stars) is never easy as they can
improve so quickly in a short space of time.

Our third team suffered their first loss in the league and should look back in pride,
in that despite this loss they have had a great season.

Wandering Dragons 3 2½‑3½ Tiger Cubs
Grosu, Silvian(1571) ½‑½ Sokolenko, Pavlo(1562)
Irvine, Ben(1400) 0‑1 Parasur, Raghuram(742)
McIntosh, Fraser(1300) 1‑0 Wilson, Florence(1244)
Moore, Chris (1270) 0‑1 Moroz, Kai(942)
Forrester, Alistair(1182) 0‑1 Palaniswamy, Drisith(448)
Palmer, John(1100) 1‑0 Theodoratou Korakakis, Rea(143)

Civil Service 3(Away, 22nd January)

Ratings were in favour of the opposing team but our third team Dragons pulled off an excellent draw.
This great team performance keeps the unbeaten run intact.

Civil Service 3 3‑3 Wandering Dragons 3
Josey, Richard(1375) 1‑0 Walkowiak, Adam(1461)
Boyd, Isaac(1385) 1‑0 Irvine, Ben(1400)
West, Nicholas C(1327) 1‑0 MacRae, Craig (1300)
Wright, Andrew(1280) 0‑1 Moore, Chris (1270)
Boyd, Mathew(1255) 0‑1 Forrester, Alistair(1182)
Clucas, Sam(1245) 0‑1 Palmer, John(1100)

Edinburgh 6 (Home, 12th December)

Another great team performance keeps the unbeaten run intact.

Wandering Dragons 3 4‑2 Edinburgh 6
Walkowiak, Adam(1461) 1‑0 Jupe, Simon(1550)
Irvine, Ben(E1400) 1‑0 Yeap, Marcus(E1400)
MacRae, Craig (1300) 0‑1 Platts, William G C(1372)
Moore, Chris (1270) ½‑½ Cowe, Iain(1341)
Palmer, John(E1200) ½‑½ Reidy, Daniel(E1250)
Forrester, Alistair(1182) 1‑0 Loumgair, Sue(E1200)

Musselburgh (Away, 5th December)

Adam made a quick draw and Ally had a solid win on 6. Chris was up a piece for 2 pawns but missed his chance to win in a fairly closed position.
Ben managed to queen on the last board to win and get a draw for the team.
Great team performance, the unbeaten run continues.

Musselburgh 3 3‑3 Wandering Dragons 3
Loudon, James M(1320) ½‑½ Walkowiak, Adam(1461)
Barron, Vince(1249) 0‑1 Irvine, Ben(1400)
Holstead, Greg(0) 1‑0 MacRae, Craig (1300)
Crawford, James(1081) ½‑½ Moore, Chris (1270)
Wilson, Robert S M (971) 1‑0 Palmer, John(1200)
Veerman, Ross(0) 0‑1 Forrester, Alistair(1182)

Edinburgh West Juniors (Home, 15th November)

A convention created when playing against a Junior team in the Edinburgh League, has established that all Junior matches will be played at the home club of the Juniors.
So when an opposing team is "at home", they have to travel to the away venue.

This "home game" for Dragons 3 was played at Edinburgh West's venue. Adam was unaware of the convention so we defaulted on board 1.
Our guys avoided their banana skins with four wins but Craig was unlucky in that although he ended-up plus material, was unable to avoid a perpetual and so drew.
Overall another good win for the third team.

Wandering Dragons 3 4½‑1½ Edinburgh West Juniors
Walkowiak, Adam(1461) 0D-1D Sharma, Devesh(UG)
Irvine, Ben(E1400) 1‑0 Wang, Meiting(UG)
MacRae, Craig (1300) ½‑½ Prabhu, Aadith(UG)
Moore, Chris (1270) 1‑0 Chandra, Samuel(407)
McIntosh, Fraser(E1200) 1‑0 Nathan, Prithvi(UG)
Palmer, John(E1200) 1‑0 Hemanth, Harshil(UG)

Bank of Scotland 3 (Away, 7th October)

The third team continue their winning form with a close win over Bank of Scotland 3.
Fraser was the clutch player two weeks in a row. It is never easy being the last to finish with the match in the balance but he was ice cold again to bring in the victory. The Bankers defaulted on board 3 but that does not take anything away from this excellent win.

Bank of Scotland 3 2½‑3½ Wandering Dragons 3
Paterson, Krishan(1349) 1‑0 Irvine, Ben(E1500)
Mitchell, John(1271) 0‑1 Walkowiak, Adam(1461)
McInally, Aiden(0) D0-1D MacRae, Craig (1300)
Ferrie, Louis C(1181) ½‑½ Moore, Chris (1270)
Williamson, Kevin(1074) 0‑1 McIntosh, Fraser(E1200)
Powell, Paul(971) 1‑0 Palmer, John(E1200)

Sandy Bells 2 (home, 24th October)

Dragons 3 win their first encounter 4-2. Our newly formed Chesstrals held their nerve to win 4-2 in a tense finish. An early lead of 3 points made the night look like an easy win but we mis-stepped in two games, letting the Bells pull back to 3-2. On board 5, Fraser, in his first competitive over the board game, looked as cool as a cucumber while his clocked ticked down to dangerously low time levels. He outplayed his opponent in a tight position to bring home the team win.

Wandering Dragons 3 4‑2 Sandy Bells 2
Irvine, Ben(E1500) 0‑1 Kirk, Steven(1378)
Walkowiak, Adam(1461) 1‑0 Davidson, Max(1232)
MacRae, Craig (1300) 0‑1 Wallace, Mike(1194)
Moore, Chris (1270) 1‑0 Ritchie, Stephen(1162)
McIntosh, Fraser(E1200) 1‑0 Dowle, Chris(1088)
Forrester, Alistair(1182) 1‑0 Callaghan, George S(917)