Dragons Lose 4½-1½ at Home to Strong EU Team

Feb 5 2020

Although Edinburgh University did not have some of their regulars they provided strength in depth to overrun a brave fight by Dragons 2.

Wandering Dragons 2 1½‑4½ Edinburgh University 1
O`Neil, Jim (1824) 0‑1 Foo, William (2176)
Carter, Richard (1796) 0‑1 Lytras, Iosif (1938)
Monaghan, Mark (1739) 0‑1 Kopernicky, Martin (1778)
Konarski, Jannic (1725) 0‑1 Bao, Davy (none)
Tope, Bryan (1609) ½‑½ Lyakh, Oleg (none)
Walkowiak, Adam (1563) 1‑0 Knak, Peter (none)

Jim was out-graded by a ton of points and playing the Dutch forgot some of the theory after the initial set of moves. This allowed his opponent to snatch a pawn and gain a decisive advantage. He played for tactics against the exposed white king with his two bishops raking into the open position. White’s solution was to give up the exchange to relieve the pressure. This gave Jim drawing chances but he misses a key move and was put to the sword.

Adam continued his winning form on 6. Bryan had a win but let it slip under pressure before getting a draw. The others fell to their higher graded opponents. It was much closer than the score-line suggests.