Dragons 2 Lose at Home to Edinburgh 3

Feb 12 2020

On a night of missed opportunities Dragons 2 narrowly lost 3½-2½ to a weaker (on grades) Edinburgh 3 team.

Wandering Dragons 2 2½‑3½ Edinburgh 3
O`Neil, Jim (1824) ½‑½ Archibald, David(1822)
Carter, Richard (1796) 1‑0 Smith, John (1743)
Monaghan, Mark (1739) ½‑½ Hutchison, Colin (1698)
Konarski, Jannic (1725) 0‑1 Aitchison, Keith (1681)
Brownlee, Ian (1676) 0‑1 McGregor, Lindsay (1659)
Walkowiak, Adam (1563) ½‑½ McConnell, Ivor (1370)

Jannic Konarski

The misses started at the top where Jim failed to convert a won position and had to settle with a draw. Jannic (on the left of the picture) created great winning chances and also failed to convert, losing out eventually. Mark M ended up in a drawing same coloured bishops ending with Mark's King forward and active. Mark brilliantly won a pawn and it looked like he could force a win. But his opponent held on, came up with a tactic that got the pawn back and it was drawn, despite Mark trying to use his active King to make a break through.

Richard Carter

Ian had a bad night, suffering from an opening error which he never recovered.

Adam Walkowiak

Richard Carter (see picture on the left) had a nice win on 2 and Adam (on the left of the picture on the right) played his "get out of jail free" card and swindled a draw from a totally lost position by getting his queen into a perpetual check position, a piece and rook down facing mate in 1.

Overall the team played well but did not put the points on the board.