SNCL 2023/24

Oct 27 2023

After round 8 we are in 2nd place with just one round to go in the National League.

To be in with a chance of winning, we not only need to win our last round game but we also need the top team, Dunfermline Knights, to lose. Unfortunately they are due to play the currently last placed team (out of 10) while we will face the 5th placed team. But you never know, fingers crossed!

Full results here.

Round 8

Team captain Elliot was the hero with his game being the decisive one of this match against tough opponents. His comment: "Ian Marks left me a pawn early in queen's gambit (and then gave me a second by move 10). Too good to turn down, and I managed to neutralise his counterplay".

Wandering Dragons 3‑2 Stepps
Orr, Mark J L(2111) ½‑½ Bryson, Douglas(2307)
Minnican, Alan(2071) ½‑½ Nolan, Graeme(2151)
Leah, Tom(1992) ½‑½ Allor, Chukwuka(2121)
Sloan, Elliot(1964) 1‑0 Marks, Ian(1851)
Burnett, Walter(1957) ½‑½ Hulme, William(1925)

Round 7

No slip-ups in this round against somewhat weaker opposition.

Hamilton A 1:4 Wandering Dragons
Montgomery, James(1885) 0‑1 Orr, Mark J L(2111)
Mccusker, Andrew(1806) ½‑½ Minnican, Alan W(2071)
Donohue, Tom(1934) ½‑½ Leah, Tom(1992)
Montgomery, Robert(1831) 0‑1 Sloan, Elliot(1964)
Mulholland, Arthur(1741) 0‑1 Burnett, Walter(1957)

Round 6

The team fought out a draw in the afternoon v Bon Accord. Walter sacked his remaining pieces for a stalemate v 2 rooks and 5 pawns! Andy drew with Hamish Olsen, Alan drew with Bob Lothian and Elliot beat Jan Berg, who never recovered from misplaying the opening.

The Dragons are on 9 points out of 12.

Wandering Dragons 2½:2½ Bon Accord
Burnett, Andrew B(2185) ½‑½ Olson, Hamish(2279)
Minnican, Alan W(2071) ½‑½ Lothian, Robert(2038)
Sloan, Elliot S(1964) 1‑0 Berg, Jan(1785)
Burnett, Walter(1957) ½‑½ Macdonald, Duncan(1685)
Carter, Richard G(1792) 0‑1 Murray, Thomas W J(1655)

Round 5

The Dragons had a tight 3-2 win over Edinburgh in the morning, Elliots's game finished about 2:30pm!. Alan and Walter won, and then Richard and Elliot (eventually) got the draws needed.

Edinburgh 1 2:3 Wandering Dragons
Thomson, Craig S M(2280) 1‑0 Burnett, Andrew B(2185)
O`Donnell, Matthew(1943) 0‑1 Minnican, Alan W(2071)
Blackford, Ross(1779) ½‑½ Sloan, Elliot S(1964)
Kane, Robert(1751) 0‑1 Burnett, Walter(1957)
Smith, John S R(1728) ½‑½ Carter, Richard G(1792)

Round 4

A draw was not a bad result against a slightly stronger team.

Wandering Dragons 2½:2½ Dundee City A
Burnett, Andrew B(2185) 1‑0 Findlay, David John(2150)
Minnican, Alan W(2071) ½‑½ Spencer, Edwin A(2128)
Leah, Tom(1992) 0‑1 Magnussen, Helge(2062)
Sloan, Elliot S(1964) 0‑1 Wright, Andrew G(2097)
Burnett, Walter(1957) 1‑0 Hogg, Stephen William(2011)

Round 3

The bottom two boards were the heroes in this round.

Forth Valley A 2:3 Wandering Dragons
Mcgeoch, Kenny R(1916) 1‑0 Burnett, Andrew B(2185)
Browning, Isaac(1981) ½‑½ Minnican, Alan W(2071)
Cooke, Susan G(1930) ½‑½ Leah, Tom(1992)
Shemilt, James F(1828) 0‑1 Sloan, Elliot S(1964)
Spiers, William(1755) 0‑1 Burnett, Walter(1957)

Round 2

In the afternoon versus Edinburgh West, Andy had initiative against Joe Redpath but had to settle for a draw. Elliot was in a slightly tricky position but sacced an exchange for initiative, and then got a perpetual. Tom drew with George neave, and Alan drew with Craig pritchett. This left Walter last to finish, 2 pieces for a rook up against Martin Robinson. It was a difficult position to convert, and as they got short of time, Walter's queen was lost, he was able to get it back for the cost of the 2 minor pieces, leaving a drawish looking position with opposite coloured bishops and rook, with both having a forward passed pawn. Draws were offered, and declined, from both sides, and a long battle continued with both players never more than a couple of minutes left. Walter won the bishop, but lost his good pawn and the match went on another hour and around 110 moves, with Walter making progress trying to eke out the win, which required keeping the rooks on. Martin lost on time after a 5 hour epic at 8pm. So we won 3-2.

Edinburgh West 2:3 Wandering Dragons
Redpath, Joe(2275) ½‑½ Burnett, Andrew B(2185)
Pritchett, Craig W(2200) ½‑½ Minnican, Alan W(2071)
Neave, George(2073) ½‑½ Leah, Tom(1992)
Bell, Alan D(1964) ½‑½ Sloan, Elliot S(1964)
Robinson, Martin E(1863) 0‑1 Burnett, Walter(1957)

Round 1

As you may have seen, we got 3 points out of 4. In the 1st match against Dunfermline Knights, Alan M had a quick draw. Elliot got his queen trapped and lost quickly afterwards, Tom was 2 pieces for a rook down against Ian Robertson, but was able to get a back row attack and broke through to win. Andy had won the exchange but was in a complex position, and eventually lost. Walter was struggling from the opening, and later on was a couple of pawns down. He opted to give up his queen for some counterplay, and was able to create multiple threats and then break through for an unlikely win to save the match as a draw.

Wandering Dragons 2½:2½ Dunfermline Knights
Burnett, Andrew B(2185) 0‑1 Bozinakis, Pavlos(2238)
Minnican, Alan W(2071) ½‑½ Savidge, Daniel(2013)
Leah, Tom(1992) 1‑0 Robertson, Ian C(2049)
Sloan, Elliot S(1964) 0‑1 Skettos, Nicolas(1903)
Burnett, Walter(1957) 1‑0 Mckay, Jonathan(1917)