A-Team Complete Double Over Edinburgh West

Feb 26 2020

The Dragons won their match against Edinburgh West, completing the double after a 5½-½ win earlier in the season.

Dragons A 4‑2 Edinburgh West 1
Bathie, N. (2217) ½‑½ Redpath, J. (2281)
Orr, M. (2142) 0‑1 Grant, J. (2194)
Fleming, N. (1913) ½‑½ Neave, G. (2116)
Sloan, E. (1853) 1‑0 Robinson, M. (1749)
Heron, D. (1847) 1‑0 Walker, D. (1734)
Taylor, E. (1842) 1‑0 Logue, D. (1616)

On last board Ewan's opponent, who had very little time left, stopped the clocks and claimed a draw because (he alleged) Ewan had no practical chances to win. Although it's true there were opposite coloured bishops, the trouble was that there were also a pair of rooks and plenty of pawns. The consensus view (after a long group discussion after all the other games had finished) was that it was a spurious claim and in the end it didn't go to arbitration.

Wins by Elliot and Don managed to compensate for Mark blundering a pawn, leading to a 4-2 win. Don's game had an interesting R&P ending.