A-Team Lose to League Leaders

Feb 20 2020

Dragons 1, with a weakened team, went down to the league champions elect.

Dragons A 1‑5 Edinburgh 1
Fleming, N. (1913) ½‑½ Bremner, A. (2190)
Sloan, E. (1853) 0‑1 Berry, N. (2158)
Heron, D. (1847) 0‑1 Brechin, H. (2060)
Taylor, E. (1842) 0‑1 Kafka, G. (1953)
Kynoch, R. (1839) ½‑½ Rutherford, W. (1935)
DEFAULT 0‑1 Antunes, A. (1814)

Unable to secure a 2nd team player, board 6 had to be defaulted. Richard had Willie Rutherford on the ropes, but his opponent survived the attack and the game ended in a perpetual draw. Ewan and Don both competed well, but eventually fell to Graeme Kafka and Hugh Brechin respectively. Elliot had a battle with Neil Berry who was down to 4 mins for around 10 moves but with a position later evaluated by an engine as +5 (though it didn't look quite as good to a human). Elliot then missed a tactic to take the initiative, and his opponent went on to win. Neil Fleming played a very good defence a couple of pawns down in an opposite bishop (plus queens) ending, and was rewarded with a perpetual in final position. Thus a 5-1 defeat.