Title Authors Category Medium Year Borrowers
The Martial Attack Robert Wade, Tim Harding Openings Book 1974
The Pleasure of Chess 📖 Assiac Payot Other Book 1974
The Sicilian Sozin Tim Harding, George Botterill, Cenek Kottnauer Openings Book 1974
Two Hundred Games of Chess by A. Alekhine Volume 1 📖 British Chess Magazine Games Book 1973
Chess Combination as a Fine Art Werner Golz and Paul Keres Middlegames Book 1972
Defence in the Game of Chess I. Kan Games Book 1972
Fischer v. Spas sky Reykjavik 1972 C. H.E. O^D Alexander Matches Book 1972
Skopje 72 Chess Olympiad Aleksandr Matanovic Matches Book 1972
The Development of Chess Style Max Euwe Games Book 1968
Botvinnik's Best Games 1947-1970 Mikhail Botvinnik Biography Book 1966
Correspondence Chess in America Bryce Avery Games Book 1965
Semi-Open Games Ludek Pachman Openings Book 1965
Chess Praxis A. Nimzovich Training Book 1962
The Chess Players Francis Parkinson Keyes Other Book 1961
The Chess Mind Gerald Abrahams Training Book 1951
Teach Yourself Books: Chess Gerald Abrahams Training Book 1948
Capablanca’s 100 Best Games of Chess Harry Golombek Games Book 1947
Mate in Three Moves Brian Harley Puzzles Book 1943
Rubinstein's Chess Masterpieces: 100 Selected Games Akiba Rubinstein Biography Book 1941 Michael Jessing
My Best Games of Chess 1924-1937 Alexander Alekhine Games Book 1939
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