All 3 WD Championships Kick off in January

Jan 3 2022

The online allegro club championship will be a 2 round (1W+1B) all-play-all where:

  1. No fixtures will be arranged by the organiser – arrange to play yourselves
  2. Time controls will be 30 minutes (each) allegro with a 5 second increment
  3. You can play online at or
  4. Anyone can join or leave the online championship at any time.
  5. Only current members for season 2021/22 of the Wandering Dragons Chess club will be allowed to participate.
  6. All games will be graded by CS.
  7. The FIDE rules of chess will apply.

The full results set is available on the wd1980 site at: "WDCCOL22".

A few reminders:
a) both matches should be played in the same session
b) Try to have an alternate communications channel (Mobile txt, whatsapp, messenger or your own agreed choice)
c) The schedule is a recommendation but you can vary it to suit yourselves.

Club Championship

Table and results are here and here.

Sobieski Cup

8/3/2022 Final

Walter Burnett 1-0 Elliot Sloan 

The final of the Sobieski Cup as played on 8th of March 2022 at Pilrig Bowling Club.

Both players have seen a return to form recently and the game was an interesting one. 
Walter was white and played the kings gambit, Elliot countered with the Falkbeer Counter gambit and the complications ensued.

Walter triumphed in the end to become the 2022 Sobieski Cup Winner. "Game here"

1/3/2022 Round 2
* Jim O’Neil 0-1 Elliot Sloan
* Walter Burnett 1-0 Scott Partridge

22/2/22 Round 1
* Silvian Grosu 0-1 Scott Partridge

11/1/2022 Round 1
* Jim O’Neil 1-0 Don Heron
* Elliot Sloan 1-0 Jack Mckay Fletcher
* Walter Burnett 1-0 Craig Macrae

Online Allegro

Elliot wins the 2022 Wandering Dragons Online Allegro

23/3/2022 Round 5 and 12

  • Jim O'Neil 0-1 Elliot Sloan Round 3
  • Elliot Sloan 1-0 Jim O'Neil Round 10

3/3/2022 Round 5 and 12
* Elliot Sloan 1-0 Chris Donkin Round 5
* Chris Donkin 1-0 Elliot Sloan Round 12

10/2/2022 Round 4 and 11
* Elliot Sloan ½-½ Walter Burnett Round 4
* Walter Burnett 1-0 Elliot Sloan Round 11

30/1/2022 Round 6 and 13
* Jim O'Neil 1-0 Walter Burnett Round 6
* Walter Burnett 1-0 Jim O'Neil Round 13

Due to a mix-up on both our parts, Chris Donkin and I played our games early
* Chris Donkin 0-1 Jim O'Neil Round 7
* Jim O'Neil 1-0 Chris Donkin Round 14/