Sloan Sacrifice Stuns Scott as Service Slayed

Jan 15 2020

Captain Elliot Sloan played a brilliancy as the A-team completed the double over Civil Service in the Edinburgh Premier League.

Dragons A 5‑1 Edinburgh 1
Orr, M. (2142) 1‑0 Gunn-Russell, C. (1776)
Fleming, N. (1913) 0‑1 Macnab, C. (1754)
Sloan, E. (1853) 1‑0 Scott, R. (1691)
Heron, D. (1847) 1‑0 Jackson, R. (1665)
Taylor, E. (1842) 1‑0 Anderson, N. (1614)
Kynoch, R. (1839) 1‑0 Smith, E. (1611)

Dragons started well when Ralph Jackson left a piece on prise on move 8 and Don took full advantage to win quickly. Elliot sacked a knight for a very strong attack against Richard Scott, and then finished off nicely. In the diagram below he is a piece down but has the move, can you spot the continuation?

Ewan won shortly afterwards apparently effortlessly but then Crawford Macnab won an interesting open game against Neil with some clever tactics and, with Richard a pawn down, and plenty of play left in Mark's top board game, it was all to play for.

Mark (black) and Charles Gunn-Russell revisited an opening variation they had already contested many times in blitz games at Chess in the Park. The position below is from analysis (it didn't actually occur). Can you see Black's winning move?

Mark did eventually win and Richard also broke through which resulted in a 5-1 win.